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Welcome to Yisia Games where our imagination becomes your experience.
Our mission is to provide unique and enthralling games to players around the world.

At the heart of our universe lies the desire to try something different. And we’re inviting you on this journey of transformation!

Buckle up as we introduce you to our inaugural creation: Earth Hole Puzzle, a game that will flip your understanding of what a puzzle game can be!

Earth Hole Puzzle

Earth Hole Puzzle is an innovative puzzle game that will entertain casual and hard core puzzle enthusiasts alike!

Earth Hole Puzzle is free and available in the Canadian iOS App Store

Available soon in the other country’s App Stores.

Who are we?

In the realm of digital games, Yisia Games stands as a trailblazer in gameplay innovation. Comprised of game enthusiasts, developers, artists, storytellers, and strategists, our team lives and breathes video games.

Yisia Games creatives

Each day, we passionately craft games that entertain and captivate. Our story began with a simple question: “Why do most puzzle games feel so similar?” Driven by our ambition to provide a distinct puzzle-solving experience, we embarked on a path of creativity, experimentation, and groundbreaking discoveries.
The result? The birth of Earth Hole Puzzle – a game powered by our patent-pending ExpoFlip system, a unique technology that reinvents puzzle gameplay!

Our Vision & Value

At Yisia Games, we not only envision a world where games serve as more than just pastimes but also as powerful tools for learning, cognitive development, and fun.

Our aspiration is to create games that redefine boundaries, intellectually challenge gamers, and deliver unrivalled entertainment.

Puzzle brain

Our guiding principles – Creativity, Innovation, and Passion, form the cornerstone of Yisia Games.

We are dedicated to the pursuit of excellence, fearlessly embrace innovation, and fuel our passion for crafting exceptional gaming experiences. It is our steadfast commitment to these values that nurtured the creation of Earth Hole Puzzle.

Game play

Join us on our journey

We continue to make strides in the gaming world, pushing the envelope of innovation with Earth Hole Puzzle and beyond.

Want to learn more about our groundbreaking Earth Hole Puzzle? Head to the “Our Game – Earth Hole Puzzle” section to dive into the fascinating world we’ve created. Interested in being a part of our passionate team or investing in our future projects? Visit the “Join Us” page.
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