Why Join Us?

At Yisia Games, we cherish creativity, collaboration, and innovation.

Here, you’ll work with a diverse, talented team that’s as passionate about games as you are. Our environment fosters growth and learning, so every challenge becomes an opportunity for personal and professional development.

Digital artist-designer

We celebrate successes together and support each other through obstacles. We listen, we communicate, and most importantly, we enjoy what we do. Together, we work, we play, we innovate.


Are You Ready to Redefine the Game with Yisia?

At Yisia Games, we’re seeking trailblazers who can join our mission of revolutionizing the gaming world.

If you’re a designer thinking outside the box, a programmer with fingers that dance on keys, an artist who breathes life into visions, a project manager who steers the ship, a social manager who is a people’s person, or a marketer with a compelling narrative, we invite you to join our ranks. No matter where on Earth you are, we’re excited to meet you.

Our team spans the globe, working remotely to create gaming experiences that thrill and captivate.

Current Open Positions
COVID-19 Precautions – Remote interview process, Virtual meetings
Please submit your CV: job@yisiagames.com

Game Community Manager
Contract / Part-time, Number of hires for this role – 1

Conceptual Artist
Contract / Part-time, Number of hires for this role – 2 to 3

Game Artist
Contract / Part-time, Number of hires for this role – 2 to 3

3D Texture Artist
Contract / Part-time, Number of hires for this role – 1 to 2

UI Graphic Designer
Contract / Part-time, Number of hires for this role – 1 to 2

UI Artist
Contract / Part-time, Number of hires for this role – 1 to 2



Join Us in Pioneering the Future of Puzzle Games

At Yisia Games, we’re eager to collaborate and share the innovation of Earth Hole Puzzle with the world. We see endless possibilities for our game, and we’re excited to discuss its potential expansion beyond mobile platforms.

If you’re a game publisher or developer, large or small, who shares our vision and is interested in bringing Earth Hole Puzzle to PlayStation, Xbox, Nintendo, or PC platforms, we’d love to connect.

Plus, our ExpoFlip technology license also allows you to craft your own Earth Hole games – let’s join forces to create the next big wave in the gaming industry!

Partnership Inquiry

Yisia Games Ltd
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E info@yisiagames.com

Seize the Opportunity to Transform Gaming!

Our ExpoFlip technology, currently patent pending, is set to redefine the gaming landscape. It’s a portal to innumerable game modes and a significant opportunity for financial growth.

Timing is crucial in any investment, and there’s no better time than now to invest in Yisia Games and this impending industry revolution. For a discussion about potential returns and future prospects, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us.

Investment in Yisia Games Ltd

Yisia Korea Inc
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T +82 2 6138 4797 | F +82 2 6138 4555 | E info@yisiagames.com

Let’s Create the Future Together!

Are you ready to be a part of the Yisia Games family? Check out our open positions, reach out to us with distribution or investment inquiries, or just drop us a line to say hi. We can’t wait to embark on this exciting journey with you!